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Omega Group, a venture recording record-breaking number of the new Platform users, had started the new 2019 year with impetus. The Omega Group Conference organized on January 12, 2019 in one of the largest ball rooms in Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach was an excellent opportunity for the founders & executives of the Omega Group to present to business leaders way of work and functionality of implemented solutions and products. Team of committed, talented programmers spent the first days of January on implementing them to make using Omega Platform easier.


Conference begun with introducing Bartosz Nafalski, CEO of the Omega Group.

The 46-year-old businessman started his career right after school, more than 25 years ago by setting up a brokerage house with his colleagues from University. It is impossible to accuse him of lack of experience - as an active entrepreneur for over 25 years, he knows well how success - and failure as well - tastes. But Nafalski achieved success - despite many adversities and such difficulties as bankruptcy "forced" by unfriendly organizations, which he did not want to pay money to. In many cases the victory provided him with simple principles and values.

The conference was co-hosted by CFO Lucas Bozek, former banker and FX trader with many years of experience. Bozek is responsible for the financial part of the Omega project. He developed financial structures, solutions securing money and generating funds.

The other team members responsible for the success of the Omega Group also had few minutes on the stage.


During the event companies supporting ambitious venture were presented - Expedite Consulting Group and Feat Software. Both companies have a huge share in the success of Omega Group. Expedite Consulting Group led by Nafalski is consulting support, supporting the optimization of development of products and services that Omega provides. It could not be otherwise - Expedite Consulting Group for 25 years now has been specializing, inter alia, in restructuring, investment and currency consulting, strategic development and supports entities in obtaining financing.

However, the Omega Group could not exist without the work of the Feat Software team under the command of Lucas Bozek and Piotr Baczkowski. It is this company that is responsible for the flawlessly functioning platform. Feat Software specializes in providing made-to-measure, custom made solutions.


One of the key points of the presentation during the conference organized by the Omega Group was the introduction of freshly implemented products. The leaders were given Omega Group Cards and personal gift boxes prepared especially for them. The largest and most active business leaders with whom Omega Group has the pleasure to cooperate have been awarded the Affiliate Program prizes for activity.

In addition to improving the system and adapting it to the needs of a growing number of users, the team of developers introduced the Active Box service.

At the conference, Omega Group executives had opportunity to present way of how Active Box works and how leaders can use it. After that executives had fulfill their promise and gave to the leaders the very first Omega Cards that they promised at the beginning.

Omega Group executives also explained way of use of cryptocurrencies payments, available in Bitcoin and introduced news upcoming:

  • fiat payments
  • trading team
  • Omega Cards
  • cryptocurrency payment operator
  • mobile application
  • new office in Asia
  • Omega Chat
  • cooperation with Reuters agency
  • special program for leaders
  • Omega Adventures
  • Omega Angels
  • new languages of Omega Platform (German, Hindu, Russian, Spanish)
  • new languages of communication with Support Team (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian)

On the stage also were presented traders of the Omega Group, the best of the best. They were chosen after many hours of interviews, evaluation of their work and after proving by them their abilities.

A new business that will support Omega and Omega's community was introduced on stage by the well-known leader Wojciech Guzda who shared with the gathered listeners valuable comments and motivating tips.

Wojciech is the Founder and CEO of MadWaves VC, the ABCryptoTeam, Sea of Opportunities and a few more. Co-founder of Salve Arts Apartments. Leader, investor, entrepreneur, startup passionate and marketing advisory genius. MadWaves VC's aim is to connect the power of active communities with startups that need community, contributors, marketing and regulators. MadWaves VC and its team of experts in multiple fields are the key to help any startup grow, develop and ultimately achieve its goals. It is a unique and innovative bridge between startups and an active community.

Omega Group knows that it is the community of platform users cooperating with each other that makes the venture strong and able to reach it goals. During the conference it was clear that this undertaking owes its success not only to people who create it, but to them who join the community. The huge community created by the users of the Omega Group platform allows the brand to achieve its goals.

And these are ambitious - CEO Nafalski & CFO Bozek presented the company's strategy for the coming five years. It includes, inter alia, the creation one of the largest marketing agencies researching the market, a licensed financial institution and an investment fund to facilitate the launch of start-ups.


Omega team had started working on creating its own licensed financial institution. They goal is to start providing for Omega Client services such as payment services, but not just only typical transfers. To make for Clients using their own money much easier, Omega creates Omega Cards and is going to implement payments via mobile phones using BitBonds in Omega Platform.


Omega Group is working also on forming licensed investment fund. Capital will be 100% safe thanks to insurance. And investments - available for investors from the whole world.


With Omega’s community growing, the Omega Group will achieve another goal - by becoming world's leader of market research, thanks to great Community of Omega Platform motivated to do by great business leaders on the top. Great, very cooperating community led by great business leaders on the top is the key in success of Active Box. Also helps providing market research surveys at the highest level of service and to offer other various commercial uses for Omega's business clients from all over the world.


  • Analysis of the market and company's potential;
  • Marketing support with Omega's great community;
  • Support in ICO proces;
  • Tax and cost optimization;
  • Capital support.


The event was graced by an evening party hosted by the Omega Group for invited leaders. Afterparty was organized on the roof of a Dubai hotel - the dinner included exquisite dishes and spirits, and a fully professional music service. Guests could comfortably talk to each other with hookah and served drinks, admiring the Dubai skyline and the illuminations of the surrounding buildings. The spaced wall was eagerly used by guests wishing to preserve a commemorative shot from such an extraordinary event.

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